Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet is one of the oddest recipes I've ever encountered. It's not chocolate, not vanilla, and has much more food coloring than seems safe. But it is really, really good.

I intend to someday make this with some kind of natural food colorings, like beets and cherries, but for now, a box mix will do you.

Red Velvet Double Chocolate

1 box red velvet cake mix
Chocolate Olive Oil
Cream cheese frosting
3-4 cups fresh or frozen berries(thawed), mix cherries, raspberries and blackberries
1/4 cup Cherry Balsamic, or Chocolate Raspberry Balsamic

Follow the instructions on your cake mix. Sub in the Chocolate Olive Oil where it calls for vegetable oil or butter.

In a large bowl, mix the berries and balsamic together. Let sit, they are done when the cake is.

Bake the cake. Let cool and top with the cream cheese frosting and berries.

I made about half in single graham cracker crusts, because it felt fancy. The other half was baked in a round cake pan. However you like it, it's just a fun time.

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