Thursday, July 30, 2015

Customer Recipe

These pictures come from our friend Tracy. She makes a really yummy BBQ sauce that we've just started selling. Come in for a sample of the mild or spicy BBQ sauce and enjoy her recipes!

Tracy writes:
These are both with balsamic.  The first is my granola made with the Espresso Balsamic.  I use it during the boiling process for added flavor to the honey and apple juice.  It really brings out the flavor of the dried fruit once the oats are baked. 

 And the second is the Espresso Balsamic used as part of the spice rub for the steak.  Absolutely awesome! So hot you can still see the steam.  I let the balsamic sit on the steak with the spices for about four hours before grilling.   With fresh corn on the cob baked in the oven with Kale simmered for about two hours seasoned with portabello mushrooms and cherrywood bacon.

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