Sunday, February 9, 2014

Be Good to Your (Sweet)Heart Month!

February is national heart health month. It is also the month of romance, courtesy of Valentine's Day. The two do not necessarily coincide in food trends! Smart food meets decadent? Well, not so much.

I have some recipes this month I think you'll like. I'm trying to throw them together so that they are pretty healthy, pretty easy, and pretty good for date food.

Some things, like the bacon wrapped chicken thighs I made last week, will have to wait for next month. That is not heart healthy!

This month has gotten off to a rocky start. Power has been out for a lot of people in PA, including me. It has given a slow start to the recipes. I know there is more snow coming. I'll try to get a little ahead in the writing so that even if I lose power again, you will still have a recipe to read. No promises though.

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