Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Cookies

The recipes are coming tomorrow. This is just the preview. A little torture for you.

I cheated with the brownies and used a box mix. I just subbed our Blood Orange Olive Oil for the vegetable oil that it called for. Cooks exactly the same. Smells amazing! Tastes even better.

For the oatmeal cookies, I did use some of our oils. One of our stronger varietals, but I love the way the olive oil tastes with the pecans and the nutty goji berries.

The apricot sugar cookies have some Vanilla Olive Oil inside, but I cheated and used a bag of mix with that one too. The secret is the apricot paste I made to fill other cookies. But it turned out the person those cookies were meant for was allergic to apricots!

The pumpkin butterscotch also have Vanilla Olive Oil. I just love vanilla with everything.


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