Saturday, December 21, 2013

No New Recipes

Sorry everyone!

I had all these great intentions to post a whole slew of Christmas recipes this week. Instead, the store is very very busy and I am hopping around like a hyperactive puppy.

I promise more recipes in a few days. I am making Christmas dinner again this year, so there will be a roasted squash coming at the very least. A few desserts as well and I have big plans for January.

I'm going to do a whole month of slow cooker recipes. Starting with an apple butter and some sausage bites. And it's all for my cousin Jen. She requested more slow cooker things, so she gets a whole month of them.

We will be open at 11am or a little before every day until the 25th. And open until 6ish every day as usual. Including the 24th.

We will be closed Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays!

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