Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bacon Hash

Oh my goodness! We just got in our newest olive oil flavor. Bacon! It tastes just like it sounds so I knew I had to take it home with me.

This recipe can be scaled up or down however you like. I think it would make a great dish to serve for guests for brunch.

Bacon and Egg Hash

Frozen Hash Browns
Toasted Onion Sea Salt
Golden Raisins
Shredded Cheddar

Stream two tablespoons of oil into the pan, add the eggs and scramble over medium heat. Set aside.

Add a couple more tablespoons of oil and layer in your hash browns. Follow the package directions and resist the urge to poke them with your spatula. They will be golden and crispy, it just takes time.

Once the hash browns are done, break them up with your spatula and add the scrambled eggs. Mix well. Top with the shredded cheddar, raisins, salt and pepper. Cook until the cheese has melted.

Plate, serve and enjoy!

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