Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cranberry Mayo

I love sandwiches. I make lots of other food, but the sandwich is my favorite form of food. As a child, I could make a sandwich out of any meal, much to my parent's horror. And I knew that I had found the guy to for me when I was on a date and watched him make a sandwich out of spaghetti. I married that one.

So the leftovers sandwich is my favorite part of Thanksgiving.

You need to start with the bread. To cram the most stuff on, I suggest a round kaiser or long roll. I used a small potato roll for this sandwich, it is only a little bit for breakfast.

On the bottom, start with cranberry sauce. Then some stuffing. If this was a larger roll, I'd put potatoes on too. Give it a nice wedge of turkey and a dollop of Cranberry Balsamic Mayo.

Sandwich heaven.

Cranberry Mayo

2 tbsp Mayo

Stir it together.

I suggest making a bunch of this ahead and refrigerating it until needed. The ratio works out the same however much you make, but taste test it! Make sure you like it. Add a little more balsamic if you want to!

It's your sandwich, go wild!

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